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I have a car sticker on my back windshield that says “Learn to live your life painfree and functional.” A few weeks ago a cousins husband noticed it and asked…”What does it mean to live painfree?…are you false advertising? is that even possible?” It caught me off guard for a minute. I am so used to the concept of painfree living and to me it was bizarre that someone even doubted it. However, looking from his point of view- i can understand what he meant by his questions.

We live in a world full of pain. Pain from emotions, childbirth, fear, hurt, physical pain. –you name it. Everywhere you look and anyone you ask has experienced some sort of pain. I think we as a society have forgotten how to deal with pain. We like to be told what to do or what to take to deal with the pain. Its become a part of life and the idea of living a painfree life—well why should that exist?

Of course i am not talking about a completely painfree life– no only heaven can offer that=) I mean learning to deal with your pain in a way where your life becomes free from the burden of pain- or  the burden of not knowing how to deal with it. I suppose that sounds a bit equivocal. (yes big word–>>means confusing!=) can you tell im studying vocab for the GRE?) Let me explain . I am coming from the perspective of pain when it comes to the body. (joint pain/muscle pain etc) I think the other types of pain can also factor in–by that i mean learning how to deal with it properly.

When your body is in pain- this will alter your mental status, your relationships, your ability to work, and anything else. People who are in pain and can not find the answers are most often depressed. They allow the diagnosis to define them. They become that person with a hip degeneration- or disc bulge. Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is wrong. If your boss at work tells you something is wrong- you fix the problem—same goes for your car. Why is it when we have pain in the body we get upset and do not try to fix the problem but keep putting band aids on it? Sure no one likes to  be in pain– its not fun. However, the body has to communicate somehow right? thus we have pain.

When clients come to me with issues –one of the most important things i want to relay to them- is to not be afraid of their body and the pain. Do not allow yourself to become the issue. Learn what your body is telling you. That helps you understand what your body needs the next time you feel a twinge or pain from an activity. Many clients i see have had to stop doing what they enjoy because of pain. This changes who they are. When we start to change their body they are still afraid to try or even believe that they can go back to those activities. I always tell them..”the body was designed to move–we are going back to the original design…go move!” If anything does happen–we are always able to figure it out–because we take the time to learn about the clients body- what it is able to do..and where the issues are still residing.

Think about this–If pain is a sign of something wrong- then its a good thing! That means we have to fix the problem and prevent even more future issues–bigger pain!

Heres an example.–I have a female client who comes to me with hip/back pain. Her pelvis is rotated forward on the right side and her hips are very anterior. (tilted downward- causing her to have a large curve in the lower back) Her hip flexors were staying tight and do not engage properly. Therefore she wasn’t lifting her legs the way they were designed to move. Her hip is stuck and her back  becomes overworked. Pain ensues and she can forget about running and hiking. After we realized the postural issues- retrained her pelvis/hips/leg muscles she was able to get back into her activities- with out the pain stopping her. A few months later she finds out she is pregnant! Yay! Now think about how much better her body will take on the pregnancy when her posture is in this position versus the previous. With a rotated hip and anterior pelvis she would have issues and may even go into labor earlier. When the body is ready for labor the pelvis tilts down…to open up. She was already very anterior — that can confuse the hips. Also we all know pregnancy and back pain go hand in hand… well by getting her hips more aligned and her back functioning correctly she set herself up for a better body pregnancy.  Think about older folks–having pain issues—figuring out the cause–getting back to being more active–thus delaying the onset of arthritis or other joint issues. –Changes the quality of life! This is just one of many examples.

You have to look at pain as fixing the CURRENT problem to prevent FUTURE issues. People in pain will start to explain every issue they have had in the past. When i look at the clients body- i see the current posture state. Everything else has led up to this point–but we focus on the present and fix the underlying issue.

Dealing with any situation is often times defined by how we react to the situation itself. In our society people tend to give up. They are afraid of pain. Afraid of finding out the answer. Afraid of what they need to do. To take responsibility for their health. That is why most people i see have tried everything out there–and finally decided to take charge of whats happening to their bodies. They step outside the box.–they research-they listen and they learn.

The body is  unique and amazing. It has the ability to heal itself. There would be no point even to any type of healthcare if the body was not such a wonderful thing to study and be able to understand!

Do not allow pain to define you. Listen to your body. Learn about your body. Find the answers you need to learn to live a painfree and functional life! 


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